About our Robots

Today's robots need to be task-driven and cost efficient!

Dr. C. Lenz, CEO Cognition Factory GmbH

Your Robot

We develop and build personalized and custom tailored robotic systems. Our robots are designed with modularity and efficiency in mind and are well supported by software. We provide multiple robot configurations out-of-the-box or create a new robot configuration that fits your specific application requirements.

Ready to Use

Ready to Use

Your robot can be assembled and tested by our technicians before it leaves our facilities. You can also choose to assemble it on your own if you want.

The built-in controller is customizable and already offers a lot of features out-of-the-box. Of course, you can use our SDK APIs to integrate it into your existing application! This is true for our existing configurations as well as for new robot configurations.

Personal Support

Personal Support

You are not alone! We provide individual support with minimal response time by experienced technicians during our regular working hours and beyond upon request.

Our experts cover main fields including computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. We are happy to help you with your challenges.

Then us!